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Welcome to the Office of Equal Opportunity at Colorado State University. The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) supports Colorado State University's commitment to promote human and intellectual diversity by fostering an inclusive environment for all members of the University community. OEO ensures the University's obligations of equal access and equal opportunity in education and employment for all faculty, staff and students through the application and implementation of policies, procedures and practices that are equitable, transparent and understood by members of the University community.


On June 13th the Talent Management System will be inserting Equal Opportunity Coordinators (EOC’s) into the applicant workflow of the search process. The changes to the system will include inserting EOC approval of rationale and cuts to the applicant pools.  The workflow states that will now require EOC review and approval are Semifinalist, Finalist, and Recommended for Hire (as well as requests for Faculty Review for Faculty searches). In their role, EOC’s will review rationale for why applicants are or are not progressing in the search process.

OEO will be providing three training sessions for EOC's. These trainings will demonstrate the EOC's new role within TMS and the new workflow states for the searches. Please follow the link below to sign up for one of the training sessions. 

EOC Workflow Training